Talks to Widen Highway 390 Continues

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Most everyone agrees Highway 390 needs to be widened.
Florida Department of Transportation officials may be the biggest advocates.
They've been planning to go from 2 lanes to 6 lanes for years.
Tonight they held the latest informal meeting to discuss those plans with the public.
Plans call for the state to widen the entire road, from highway 231 to West 23rd street.
The first phase of the project will be about 1.8 miles from 390 and Baldwin Road, East to 390 and Jenks Avenue.
Right now, transportation officials don't have the funding to buy the land, or to build the road.
But they are still getting a lot of comments from people who live on or near 390.
Donna Green with the Florida Department of Transportation said, "they have a lot of concern based on right-of-way. Any time that you have a project and you're expanding from two to six lanes there is going to be the possibility of right-of-way acquisition. A lot of the residents that are here are concerned about right-of-way acquisitions.
Besides the 4 additional lanes, the plans call for more lighting, enhanced storm water drainage, as well as sidewalks and bicycle lanes.