Tasty Treats On Your Boat

BAY COUNTY-- When you hear that familiar sound it can only mean one thing and that's the ice cream truck

But in this case its actually the ice cream boat!

"I started four years ago - I got laid of from my job and I was going fishing everyday and I was seeing all these people out here and I thought there must be a way of making money out here and I thought what they couldn't bring with them and came up with ice cream," Jim Purcell of Bay Ice Cream said.

Problem is they don't just make ice cream boats ready to go.

"I went to a yard sale and bought a freezer for forty bucks, I borrowed a generator from somebody 'cause I didn't have any money, and I went and got some ice cream from Sam's Club. I came out here the first day and made a hundred dollars and been doing it ever since."

These cold treats must get a very warm reception from all ages!

"Its funny its not just kids that buy from us you get adults just as excited to see us as the kids ever do they hear that music and it makes them go crazy..

And so much to choose from

"We run about fourteen items on our board - the biggest sellers are Oreos and Sponge Bob those are huge, we do a lot of Dream Bars which are Dreamsicles,"

How about that, ice cream and summer kind of goes together like water and boats!

Bay Ice Cream operates in the bay and along the beaches. They even have ice cream for dogs. Just listen for the music.