Business Booming for Tattoos and Tattoo Removal

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Melina Magi is an exchange student studying at Pittsburgh State. She and her friends came to Panama City Beach for spring break and
Magi wanted something to remember the trip.

"Nobody knows about this, but my mom won't like it, and my dad won't like it. But my friends will," said Magi.

"Business is booming. We are having a lot more people than last year," tattoo artist Brian Chamber said.

But will those spring breakers still be happy with that tattoo next week, next year, or 10-years down the road?

Those that aren't will turn to people like Dr. David Dellinger.

"I always ask people why they got this tattoo, and they say they don't want to talk about it, or it was a crazy time in my life, or I was on spring break with my friends," Dellinger said.

Laser removal is very effective, and in most cases completely erases the tattoo. But an average removal costs more than $1500.

Chambers says 60 percent of his work is cover-ups.

"Maybe someone had a wild night and got something they regret, and get a cover-up because it's cheaper than laser, and they still like tattoos," said Chambers.