Taunton Family Children's Home Hosts 4th Annual Family Festival

Taunton Family home- aerial photo- before the fire
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WEWAHITCHKA-- Dozens gathered at the Taunton Family Children's Home in Wewahitchka to celebrate their fourth major fundraiser Saturday morning.

The home is a facility built for kids who have no place to go due to various circumstances.

The family has raised over 300 kids over the years.

"One thing that really impresses me is how many good people are attracted to this mission and how they pitch in one way or another," said David Taunton, Taunton Family Children's Home.

"It's been very successful so far. In the first three years we raised over $75,000 for the Tauntons. So we will continue to do that as we move forward," said Brian Baber, Taunton Family Children's Home Board Member.

The festival started with a 5K race.

Runners were divided in categories and the winners received medals.

There were several other activities for all ages.

There was also a volleyball tournament and the amazing race.

Teams competed in an obstacle course that included going down a water slide, swimming and canoeing.

"We enjoy this every day. We enjoy the volleyball every day. We enjoy the basketball, the put put golf and so for people who've never been here I love to sit down with them and pick their brain and ask what you think about the place and it's always, I didn't know," said Diana Taunton, Daughter.

"The main thing is to let people know we are here. We take in children, there's no cost. No charge to the family, everything is free. Once they get here we take care of them like just like any family would take care of their children," said David.

The Taunton Family Children's Home was burned down in 2008, but thanks to donations they were able to rebuild.