Taxi Cab Invasion

More than 350 cab drivers are out on the streets of Bay County, a whole lot more than we are used to seeing.
They are all here to cash in on Spring Break, but not every cab you see in Panama City Beach is local, and that is not sitting well with some.
Local cab companies say all the new rides popping up are affecting their bottom line.
It is actually fairly easy to become a certified taxi driver, you just have to complete a back ground check, but you also have to be registered and living in Florida.
That rule is to help cut back on those coming only to Florida to cash in on the season, but that has not stopped an influx of drivers from coming in from other parts of the state.
"Anytime you have Spring Break someone is going to come try to make money,” said Panama City Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman. “We've tried to cut that down, tried to eliminate the people who come here and we can't track them down, they try to rip off the kids and the people of the community."

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