Teacher Raise

Governor Rick Scott releases his plan for the state budget Thursday in Tallahassee.

Speaking to editors from across the state, the Governor said he would pump an additional one point two billion dollars into schools, including a 2,500 dollar raise for every teacher.

"That's right an increase of 1.2 billion dollars in funding for K-12 education. This total includes 10.7 billion in state funding for public for Florida K-12 schools. The highest state funding in state's history," said Governor Scott.

Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith questions the Governor's motivation.

"So when you give this 2500 dollars is not a net gain for teachers because of what he's done in the past, And to have this sudden epiphany to me you know reeks of election year's coming," said Smith.

Legislative leaders are also questioning why the state should move from a plan to reward only good teachers with a raise for everyone.