Teen Vandals Face Felony Charges

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SAND HILLS - Three Bay County teens are facing adult charges for allegedly trashing a Panama City home last month. The home owner says the damages are as much as $10,000.

Sheriff's investigators believe the boys randomly picked the home as their target.

Edward Lewis lives in the Sandhills area and spent part of Friday cleaning his swimming pool. It's not nearly the type of clean-up job his neighbor is dealing with off Woodcrest Boulevard.

"You know, we consider this, you know, a pretty good neighborhood. We get the occasional vandal, you know, that'll knock down a mailbox, but other than that, we've had no problems here at all," said Lewis.

The outside of the damaged home had broken glass and a knocked down fence.

Sheriff's deputies say the majority of the damage happened inside the home and it's costing the owner thousands of dollars.

The suspects damaged every room in the house. They flipped-over and destroyed furniture. They also punched large holes in the walls, and ripped light fixtures from the ceilings.

The big question is why they did it.

"They said that they were bored and were looking for something to do. They chose to go into somebody else's property and destroy it," said Major Tommy Ford with the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

When the owner came home at 7:00 that evening, she said she heard someone leaving through the back door.

She saw the damages and immediately called the Sheriff's Office. Investigators developed two 15 year olds and one 14 year old as their suspects.

Right now they're facing adult felony burglary charges.

"These children, you know, have been known and seen as walking around late at night, if you will, after 11 o'clock, and things of that nature, so I think that hopefully they'll learn their lesson they'll stop doing whatever it was they were doing," said Lewis.

Sheriff's deputies say the boys used a metal rod to force open the back door of the home.