Temporary Parking Lot may come to South Walton

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Every year thousands visit South Walton, and with those people, come their cars.

On a road like 30A it can be difficult to find parking, so County Administrator Larry Jones is bringing a temporary solution to the table for commissioners to consider at their next meeting.

It would involve leasing a piece of land on Highway 393 as a parking lot for residents and visitors.

"A lot of people come down there and they park along 393, they park on 30A, they park on the right-of-way, they park wherever they can to access that area,” said Louis Svehla, Public Information Officer for the county.

The same property was leased to the county back in 2007 for $10,000.

County officials say it won't fix all the parking problems, but it is a way to provide some relief now.

"Being that that land is there and it is open and available, it allows us to move forward to relieve that,” said Svehla.

The Seaside community has done something similar over the past two years.

They leased a piece of property and offered a park and ride for employees.

"It was very successful,” said Pam Avera, General Manager of Seaside. “We did a small trial one year, and then a larger trial the following year which was last year."

As of now there have been no negotiations with the property owner.

It is now up to Commissioners whether they want to move forward with the offer.

In 2007, the county leased the property on Highway 393 for two months.