Tensions Rise at Mexico Beach Meeting

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Tension continues to run high in Mexico Beach over the city clerk's resignation.

Debbie McLeod claims city councilwoman Tanya Castro bullied and harassed her to the point that she resigned from her position. While the topic was up for discussion at a special meeting, residents spoke out about the incident in the meeting Tuesday night although it wasn't on the agenda.

Castro didn't respond to the allegations at the meeting, though many of the comments were from residents in her support, some even saying they thought Castro was now being harassed and bullied, however mayor Al Cathey did respond.

He first spoke on his interactions with McLeod and noted that the interactions between Castro and herself were not out of the ordinary and valid. He also expressed his own surprise about the controversy.

"Never in the 1, 5, or 20 times that we talked was the word bullying or harassing used to me," he said. "Never once. The first time I saw those two words was in the same letter that all of us got."

McLeod's resignation is not effective until next week.

Some of the council member's have expressed an interest in having her maintain her position at the job.