Texting and Driving Banned in Florida

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Marianna- Time may heal all wounds. But Angela Clark said she wondering how much time it would take.

"I really don't know," she said, "because I really don't feel like I've begun to heal. I've had so much anger because it was a preventable death. And, I see how it's affected my children- his grandchildren- who were extremely close to him, and the aftermath of those who were closest to him. And how it's torn our family apart. Literally torn us apart."

One year and four days ago, Clark's step father, Alan "Buddha" Vasquez was driving on Highway 73 when he caused a four car crash that claimed his life. Vasquez was texting and driving.

This was his last message: ''On my way dude- text you when I get to the state line.'' Because, he knew that he couldn't text once he got to the [Alabama] state line" Clark said.

This was Clark's Facebook message: Don't text and drive.

"He never enabled me. He put me in my place- whether I like it or not! He taught me a lot- he taught me a lot."

Now, Clark said it was her turn to start teaching others. She's planned speaking engagements at local high schools and joined an advocacy group on Facebook.

"This is honoring his memory. He is out there still saving lives so nobody else has to go through the things we have been going through as a family."

The fine for texting while driving is $30. The new law made texting while driving a secondary offense, which means police cannot pull someone over for that offense alone.

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