Texting and Driving Simulator at Local High Schools

AT&T's texting and driving simulator visited 2 more local high school campuses Wednesday.

Several different agencies are trying to show students the dangers of texting and driving during Teen Safety Week in Florida.

Wednesday morning, Bay High School students took their turn.

The students used their own cellphones while "driving" the simulator which monitors their speed, weaving out of their lane, and if they have a collision.

Students say the simulator wasn't necessarily realistic, but it drove home the point.

"I feel like a lot of things I've experienced in the simulator I have experienced in real life," said Aaron Grubbs. "Obviously, I've been fine so far, but it shows you how it could have been."

"The reaction from most of the students, the great majority of the students is that it's really a wake up call," said AT&T spokesperson Sue Sperry. "They felt like they were losing control and they realize that one second or two seconds and you've driven the length of a basketball field with your eyes closed."

Students were able to sign a "No Texting While Driving" pledge. Mosley students got a chance to test out the simulator Wednesday afternoon, tomorrow students at Bozeman will have an opportunity.

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