The Biggest Loser Inspires Local Resident To Try CrossFit

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Monday night you saw Biggest Loser trainer, Bob Harper, use CrossFit to help his team shed pounds.

Over the past 4 months we have followed local resident, Chris Critchlow, on his journey to better fitness... First with running... And now like his Biggest Loser brethren... with CrossFit.

Chris Critchlow just finished his 1st 5k 5 weeks ago. He beat his goal by over 5 minutes!

'I realize further and further every day than I was before. Really enjoying it... now I am just looking for new way to work out more work better. Become healthier'.

After seeing CrossFit on the Biggest Loser this season Chris thought it might be a good way to mix up his exercise routine.

30a CrossFit trainer, Tony Young, says one of the benefits of CrossFit is the workouts are always different making you a more well rounded athlete.

Trainer, Tony Young: 'Your body adapts to whatever you do very quickly... you get on the treadmill for the same distance 4-5 days in a row. You fall into the hamster on a wheel syndrome.'

While initially intimidated by CrossFit, Chris felt better after seeing it on the Biggest Loser.

Chris- 'Seeing it on the show and seeing there is a build up to where you go. You don't start it all the way. Your body is going to gradually progress and get better. That's what it is about.'

During Chris's Intro to CrossFit class he finds out working out is just part of the battle.

Trainer, Karen Katzenbach- 'We are going to talk about nutrition, we are going to talk about rest, recovery, sleep. Stress reduction. All of those things are a component of being fit and healthy.'

For his first CrossFit workout... Chris completed a series of tasks 500 meters rowing, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, and 10 ring rows... All scaled to Chris's current fitness level and all under the watchful eye of a trainer.

His time... 8:44...

Chris- 'It's the most intense workout I've had in a while and it did not seem like it was that much going in, but I will tell you. Back to back to back... no stopping. I can really see where this benefits you. Man I feel good. I feel like I have been beat down. When's the next workout?'