The City of DeFuniak Springs Hosts 4th Annual Marvel of Flight

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The Mitchell B-25 bomber is one of the more storied aircraft in U.S. military history.

It' the plane Colonel Jimmy Doolittle and his raiders used for their famous bombing of Japan in the early days of World War II.

Only a handful of the aircraft still exist, and even fewer are in flying condition.

But you have the opportunity to ride in one Saturday, during the 4th Annual Marvel of Flight in DeFuniak Springs.

The marvel of flight was created by the Walton County Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Walton Program.

"It was a project to build the economy for a county as a whole,” said City Manager Sara Bowers. “And being the only airport in the county, it has just grown since then."

The event is not only educational, teaching people about the DeFuniak Airport, but it also generates tourism.

"Raise the awareness of the airport, so as people are flying in on their private planes, they know that we are here you could have a rental car waiting, and you have a 30 minute drive to South Walton to our beautiful beaches,” said Camile Burlison, of the Walton Area Chamber of Commerce. “We want them to know the DeFuniak Springs airport is an option, and we are ready for the business."

Those attending the fly-in can ride the B-25, a Huey and Cobra helicopter, and a hot-air balloon.

Nearly 6,000 people attended last year's event.

City officials are hoping that number gets bigger each year.

The aircraft rides will take place during the event, which takes place tomorrow from 8am to 4pm.