The Ellzey Trial, Police Capture Driver's Story On Camera

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Juliana Ellzey showed very little emotion during Tuesday's trial where she's accused of fleeing the scene of the crash that killed 26 yr old Allison Simms.

Her emotions were quite different in video shown by the prosecution where she recounts the night of the crash.

After an hour and a half of denying that she drove her roommate's silver Chevy Trailblazer linked the death of Simms, Ellzey admits to driving it.

She says she thought she hit a cone on Thomas Drive that January night in 2012 after a night of drinking with friends.

"I was really drunk," she confessed in the video.

The officer questioning her said he could tell she was lying when she denied driving the trailblazer.

Officers showed pictures of the Chevy which had a dented hood and blood splatters. The cell phone of Simms was also wedged into the grill in the front of the vehicle.

The trial will continue on Wednesday.