The Fate of Newpoint Bay High School Decided

It was another marathon meeting for the Bay County School Board Thursday afternoon.
Board members had to decide on the fate of Newpoint Bay High School after questions concerning their financing.
The charter is managed by a for-profit company, something one of a kind in Bay County.
After hours of debate, the school board voted three to two to renew the charter for two more years.
"I think it was a good compromise, a good fall back position. On one side you had the district committee saying we don't think should do a renewal at all, on the other side you have the school that wanted a 5 year renewal," said Vice Chairman Steve Moss.
"We're very excited to have two years now,” said Carla Lovett, the vice principal of Newpoint Bay. “To do several things one would be to alleviate any remaining fears that districts may have."
They will also combine the high school and middle school under one roof.