Franklin Co. Sheriff Hosting Fundraiser To Solve Cold Case Murder

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Franklin County deputies are hoping a $6.00 plate lunch will help solve a cold case murder.

The Sheriff's Office is selling lunch on Friday to raise money for the reward in the Pamela Kinney murder case.

Kinney's body was found by hunters in 2005 in a wooded area off Tilton Road west of Apalachicola. Sheriff Mike Mock says they suspect Kinney was murdered at a beach house on St. George Island which was closed for repairs after Hurricane Dennis.

Over the past seven and a half years, many in the Franklin County Sheriff's Office have tried to find that one lead that will take them to the girl's killer.

The reward is currently $10,000. Sgt John Solomon told NewsChannel 7 “we are hoping that a increase in the reward may get anyone who has information to step forward in this case.”

The fundraiser luncheon is Friday at the Apalachicola Police Department. It begins at 11:00 am and will include grilled chicken, baked beans, coleslaw for $6.00 a plate.

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