The Future of Dozier

The Dozier School grounds have been padlocked since 2011. The state put the property up for sale a year later, and was set to open bids last October when relatives of some of those missing stopped the sale until the school grounds could be examined.

Bill and Valerie Alexson were one of two bidders. They have a dream of turning the 220 acre tract into something positive, a place for older foster children, and even the victims of abuse at the school.

"And this place is perfect, it has a gym, it has school, it has dormitories. It's just perfect," said Valerie.

Bill Alexson takes pro basketball players worldwide as part of a motivational program. He wants to do the same thing at Dozier.

"And here's these guys, they live a superficial life style, signing autographs and making checks. And when they retire everyone forgets about them. So here is an opportunity for them to mentor these kids," said Bill.

But the plans will have to wait a while longer.

The states already blocked from trying to sell the property until January but now one of the lawyers for family members say they will go back into court and try to extend that injunction until researchers finish their work.

The Alexson’s say they are disappointed by the delay, but say they will continue to pursue their dream for a positive outcome for Dozier.