The Pearl Hotel Nears Completion

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The Pearl Hotel is slowly coming into its own as a future focal point in Rosemary Beach.

"The pearl is a fifty-five room luxury hotel in rosemary beach. We're excited about being a part of the community for so many reasons" said The Pearl General Manager Michael Votta.

Votta says The Pearl has several features that will all be open to the public.

"We're really going to be a restaurant that one can sleep at. We're going to have the finest restaurant in northwest Florida" said Votta.

Management plans to hire from eight to one hundred people for positions in the hotel, restaurant, bar and more. Votta says the staff will work year round on a career path with the hotel.

"The pearl is all about taking associates, employees and understanding what their career is and helping develop them" said Votta.

He also says adding economic value to an already thriving community is the biggest factor for building the hotel.

"We've gone to great lengths to make sure that we blend into the community of rosemary beach. We want our guests to feel like we've been here since the inception" said Votta.

The Pearl hotel plans to open in July.

The concept and plans for The Pearl have been underway for nearly six years.