The Polls are Open

More than six thousand precincts opened this morning across Florida to modest lines and a long ballot.

The only unusual incident reported was a woman who broke her leg in the parking lot of a Pensacola precinct.

Before seeking treatment, she was carried into the voting booth by her husband; she voted and then was transported for treatment.

Before polls even opened, more than four point five million in Florida had voted early or by mail.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner believes the state may set a record for the total number of people casting a ballot. "With four and a half million, some have projected that might be fifty percent of the vote, so we could possibly see, again, these are projections that we hear from supervisors out in the field, that we could approach nine million people voting. So that's encouraging."

The state does have a plan in place for a recount should the vote difference be less than one quarter of one percent, but changes in law would prohibit a long drawn out challenge like the 37 days of uncertainty in 2000.

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