The Search Continues for a Missing Southport Teen

The search continues for a Southport 14-year-old who has been missing for five days.

No one has seen or heard from Emily Paul since Saturday.

Family members describe Paul as an energetic girl, whose full of life.

The last time Emily's mother, Pam Massimiani saw her daughter was Saturday morning.

"I had an event to attend,” said Massimiani. “I woke her up to tell her bye, and I love you, the usual mother stuff."

"It appears she packed a large suitcase, that was wheeled to the road and a vehicle picked her up," said Albert Willis, a Bay Co. Sheriff’s investigator.

Investigators have been following leads in Wisconsin, but so far they have all been dead ends.

They also say Emily has not used her cell phone or any electronic media.

"Our main concern in this case is the complete lack of contact,” said Willis. “It's typically with a teen, certainly her age, a girl, you're going to see some form of communication."

Emily's mom says Emily did not show any signs she was ready to run away.

"That's the funny thing. Me and Emily have a good relationship. We were just our usual selves, we hugged in the kitchen Saturday night,” said Massimiani. “There were no clues. If there was a clue I would have never left on Saturday."

Investigators said technology plays a key role in run-away incidents like this and that parents should not feel guilty about monitoring their child's cell phone or on-line activity.

"There's no more secure home, if you've got an internet connection, your home is insecure, your child can communicate with anyone," Willis said.

If you have any information about Emily Paul, please call you nearest law enforcement agency.