The Walton County School Board Approves Non-Instructional Pay Raise

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A topic of discussion for Tuesday’s Walton County School Board meeting was for the board to approve the non-instructional employees proposed plans that they agreed on during negotiations in February.
But before they could come to the decision, the conversation became a debate between the superintendent and a board member.
The topic was mainly concerning if the money allocated by Governor Rick Scott had already been put into the school districts account.
"I have a problem with the amount received of $1.3 million,” state Board member Sharon Roberts. “I don't understand why we say amount received, when I apparently have documents saying we received no dollars."
Superintendent Carlene Anderson gave her rebuttal.
"Either general operating through the DOE or these allocation dollars will not be in our checking account until we have a final plan is turned in."
And questions and concerns also came from residents.
"You are positive if you never settle with the teachers you will get the non-instructional and the charter school money back,” asked one concern citizen.
As of now, $390,000 will be distributed between all non-instructional employees, and $64,000 will be distributed to the county charter schools.
All of that money will come out of the district’s general fund, until the teachers can come to the agreement, and the state can send all the money.
A full plan must be sent to the state before June.
A date to renegotiate the teachers’ pay raise has not been set