Thoughtful Election Reform...Maybe

Some voters in South Florida were still in line Wednesday morning, after the election and some votes weren’t counted until Friday, once again making Florida a national joke.

"Florida tonight remains too close to call. So where is the good news you say? Here it is: the election was decided without them."

The problems were caused by ill thought out changes to the election law in 2011

Now lawmakers are taking their time trying to fix the problems they caused. The fixes include more early voting hours and more early voting locations.

"Fairgrounds, civic centers, courthouses, county commission buildings, stadiums, convention centers," said Sen. Jack Latvala.

The election fix passed on party lines.

Democrats say it doesn't go far enough.

"Not just gonna settle for mediocre elections bill," said Sen. Chris Smith.

The legislation also limits the number of words that can be used on Constitutional Amendments. This past election, voters say the entire test of lengthy amendments, which caused long lines.