Thousands Visit Harley Davidson Store on Opening Day

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Panama City Beach - It's a day many people in Bay County have been waiting for, the official opening of the Harley Davidson store on Back Beach Road. Thousands showed up to welcome the newest addition to Panama City Beach on Satuday. The store was buzzing with activity all day long.

The owners say they had a line of at least two hundred waiting when they opened at 9AM and were surprised at the turnout. "I'm gonna tell you what we weren't expecting, 5,000 people today. It's been crazy here. If you look in the parking lot it's been packed since 8 o'clock this morning. We were due to open at 9, we sold 2 bikes before we opened the doors at 9 o'clock," said co-owner Gary Bang.

Not only do they sell Harley Davidson bikes, they also have clothing, toys, and a lounge area. Never ridden before? The location also offers four day classes to get your motorcycle endorsement.