Three Arrested For Unlivable Home Conditions

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Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a distress call at this Crestview home Saturday.

"One of our deputies got a call about someone waving their arms as if in distress on Aplin Road. So he went to check that out and in doing that investigation in trying to determine who was this individual he made contact with and two people inside this home on Aplin" said Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Michele Nicholson.

As the deputy entered the home, what he found caused him to call for help; three children and animals living in unlivable conditions.

"The deputy got quite concerned when he noticed the condition of the house because he said there were literally thousands of insects all over including cockroaches, even some falling from the ceiling as he walked through. He noticed what he said were cockroaches actually on an infant inside the house. He said the conditions with the toilets being inoperable were just so unsanitary and alarming for him that he determined it was not a safe environment for children to be in" said Nicholson.

Authorities arrested 27-year-old David Blane Rush and 24-year-old Justina Nicole Rush, charging them with child neglect, and possession of drugs. They also arrested 43-year-old James Franklin
Feagin on drug and evidence tampering charges. Deputies say he tried to eat a small pot plant. Neighbors declined to go on camera but all agree the house was no place for kids.

"This situation if they determine the conditions are too poor for children to be in that environment the children are removed from the home until the situation environment can change" said Nicholson.

Officials also removed two neglected dogs from the home, turning which were taken to a local shelter.
Sheriff's officials haven't said if any of the three children were related to any of the suspects.