Three Families Homeless After Three Separate Fires

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Three Jackson County families are struggling to put their lives back together. Within a 24-hour span Monday, they lost their homes in 3-separate fires.

Of the 16-victims, ten of them are from the same family.

Silence and tears replace the noise and laughter that used to fill the Thomas home. Four children, six adults, three dogs and a cat all left homeless by a fire that started around 7:30 Monday night. All but one of the dogs escaped.

"She ran in the house and said 'everybody out of the house- fire!” said 5 year old Cody Thomas.

The family lost almost everything. Only a few Christmas presents survived.

Investigators believe an electrical short caused the fire. Estimated damages are around $80,000. Now the family has no where to go.

"If I ever needed somewhere to go, momma was here," said Jennifer Brock.

The family has had trouble finding owners willing to rent to a family of 10, but they stick together out of necessity.

"My brother is crippled and my sister in law is epileptic so they can't drive and they have three kids. They're 11, 8 and 5. They have to live with my parents who are both disabled."

In the past, Brock says her family has given to those in need. "She's always helped people and now she's getting it in return, they're helping her."

Loves Travel Stop is collecting donations and the Red Cross has provided temporary lodging. Toys for Tots is replacing some of the Christmas gifts, and the school board has donated clothes and school supplies. Marianna Animal Hospital is caring for the family cat, Mia.