Three Florida Supreme Court Judges Fight Back

Never before has there been such a concerted effort to remove justices from Florida Supreme Court.

"Our own Supreme Court denied our right to choose for ourselves".

A group with ties to state lawmakers unhappy with several of the court's rulings is coordinating a multimillion dollar effort to unseat the judges. For the first time ever the judges are being forced to respond.

"That's why they are trying to remove three fair and impartial Supreme Court Justices, so they can replace almost half the court with judges who will let them bend the rules".

Governor Rick Scott has taken an uncharacteristically low-key tone on the retention issue.

Reporter: "When people ask you how they should vote what do you say to them?"

"That they should vote," answered Scott.

But Defend Justice from Politics, the group behind the pro judge ad, says that there is a reason Scott is trying to appear hands off.

"Whether he says he is behind this or not, the people of Florida are starting to understand that if these justices aren't retained they don't know who's going to replace them and they don't like that," said Spokesperson Lisa Hall.

In more than 30 years of "yes" or "no" elections, no judges have ever gotten less than 59 percent of the vote, but then no one has ever run a multimillion dollar campaign against the judge either.

The justices themselves, appearing on a Sunday news show, say more than their jobs is at stake.

"We can't take ideologies into consideration. My goodness what kind of system would we have?" said Supreme Court Justice Fred Lewis.

Amendment 5 on the November's ballot also seeks to give lawmakers more control over the court.

Should voters remove the judges from the court, a judicial nominating commission, partially appointed by Governor Rick Scott, would recommend at least three names to Scott for replacement.

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