Three New Commissioners Take Office In Walton County

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Meet Walton County’s new county commissioners, Cindy Meadows, Bill Chapman and Bill Imfeld. The trio took their oaths of office Tuesday, each saying they're ready to help rebuild and reconnect with Walton County residents.
"You know I think we need to restore the trust in local government. I think there are a lot of citizens who have lost trust and faith in the government and i think we need to restore that. I think we need transparency in government" said Commissioner Cindy Meadows.
"Well I think there are a lot of needs of the citizens that we have here that have got to be addressed. Whether it's healthcare, clean drinking water, in addition to economic development which is jobs, jobs, jobs" said Commissioner Bill Imfeld.
Commissioner Bill Chapman says he wants to make good on a few campaign promises.
"What I want to do, I discussed it during my campaign is bring additional transparency. I want to try and reduce the regulations that are cumbersome to business and I want to work on economic development" said Commissioner Bill Chapman.
After the ceremony the board elected Commissioner Kenneth Pridgen as chairman and Sara Commander vice chairman, and then got to work. They made work committee assignments, and discussed the selection process for a new county administrator. Commissioner Meadows volunteered to lead a work group on the controversy over 3-proposed parking lots near South Walton beach accesses. Commissioners will sort through forty-eight applicants for the county administrator position, narrow the list to as many as 7-candidates, then begin scheduling interviews before the end of the year.

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