Timberview Helicopters Prepares To Use Floating Helipad

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Last winter Destin city officials passed a law restricting the operation of any outside heliports to the city's airport.

"I think most of the city's and county's issues were noise. They thought that the helicopters just posed a nuisance of noise and so this should solve that problem for the county” said Timberview Helicopters Owner Justin Johnson.

Timberview Helicopters owner Justin Johnson is referring to a new floating helipad. Following rules set forth by the FAA and the Coast Guard Johnson and his employees are able to continue their business in the air --- on the water.

"Being out here with people in the water and the cool air, it's just a great work environment and of course we like it a lot better out here so we can also control our passengers really well on our barge here as well" said Johnson.

Johnson says all of the tours take place over the water so it only made sense for them to relocate. As for the noise he says it shouldn't be a factor.

"We live in an area where there are a lot of military missions being played out with a lot of noise in the area and the helicopter that we fly is one of the quietest helicopters on the market. Very low noise imprint in the area" said Johnson.

Johnson says the helicopter tours have been approved by every regulating agency necessary and safe for the area around them. The helipad is located on the east pass in Destin and tours officially start this Memorial Day weekend.