Time Capsule Put in Bay County Library

PANAMA CITY - A Bay County time capsule is now in the public library.

The historical society of the centennial committee invited public officials and students of Bay High Charter Academy to the local history room to the local history room this morning to commemorate the time capsule display.

For the past month, students and society members have been filling these two canisters with common objects found in 2013, including TV-remotes, beach sand, and a light bulb.

The canisters won't be opened until January 17, 2064. Organizers hope whoever opens it will find more than just the objects.

"We hope that they will have that time of respect for history, an investing history, and that they will be interested in seeing what was around fifty years ago," said Rebecca Saunders of the Centennial Committee Historical Society.

Three students also read their winning essays on an average day in 2013. The time capsules weigh 11 pounds.

One Bay County member has been put in charge of keeping the display safe. You can see it in the bay county public library in the local history room.