Tips Before You Head To The Polls

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Despite the rush of early voters to the polls the last few days, elections officials are still anticipating the possibility of long lines on Election Day, but there are some tips to speed up the process.

First, study your sample ballot ahead of time, so you'll know how you're voting on the candidates and the amendments.
You can bring the sample ballot with you to your precinct.
Also, make sure to bring a picture ID.
If you don't have one, you can vote on a provisional ballot.

Before you head to the polls, double check your polling location.
Bay County residents can do so by going to or by contacting the Supervisor of Election's Office.

Bay County's Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen stressed the importance of each vote saying just one can make a difference.

"I can take you to a school board race of around 50,000 votes and it was a one vote difference and that just in a local race can be effected on a national or state level so please go and vote," said Andersen.

Precincts are open from 7AM-7PM on Tuesday.
WJHG will have complete election coverage both on air and on-line.

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