Tony Anderson Named Liberty County School Superintendent

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Bristol- Liberty County residents had already become quite familiar with interim School Superintendent, Tony Anderson.

"I was named the principal of Liberty County High School, served there for 16 years. Then, [I] moved over to Hosford School- was the administrator over there for 2 years. Then, I moved to the district office. I served one year as the Assistant Superintendent, and then I ran for school superintendent and was elected for 2000 to 2004."

But this time, Anderson was taking office under much different circumstances. He replaced Gloria Gay Uzell, who was charged with grand theft, official misconduct and failure to disclose information in a public records request. Governor Rick Scott removed Uzell from office until the courts sort out the case. Anderson said he was not concerned with what was past.

"Whatever charges were made, that's not my role. My role is to lead us all forward from this point on" he said. Anderson told us his main goals were were centered around student performance.

"We want to do well on those standardized tests" he said. "So, that's one of the biggest issues and challenges we have is to make sure our kids are prepared for the FCAT or whatever kind of testing will be administered at the end of the year."

He also told us he intended to straighten out the district's finances, explaining:

"I'm sure we're not exactly where I want us to be because I'm a conservative. Like I told our staff this morning, we need to be frugal with our money because that's tax payers dollars. [money] needs to be spent wisely and mostly in the classroom."

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