Towing Business Booming This Spring Break

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Local restaurant and bars aren't the only businesses hauling in the money during this year's spring break season.

Since spring break officially kicked off March 1st, Panama City Beach towing services say business is booming.

"We towed probably about 50 cars yesterday [Saturday]," said Hassie White, White's Towing Manger.

At around $90 a car that's about $4,500 dollars in one day.

However, tow company workers agree they would rather spring breakers save their money and park somewhere legally.

White says, "It messes up the flow of business for the businesses out here. There is nowhere for customers to park and that's really the main reason why we do this. It's a job that we have to do. In the back of their mind they don't think they will get towed, but they will."

Workers are preparing for one event in particular.

"The busiest day of the year is probably going to be when the Luke Bryan concert comes," she said.

He performs at Spinnaker Beach Club Tuesday, March 11th and Wednesday March 12th."

It takes less than a minute for towing operators to load a car.

If you see your car on the dolly, you can tell them to stop.

It's a little loophole called a "drop fee."

"If they catch you in the parking lot you have to cut the price in half. you have to give them about 5 or ten minutes to come up with the money, if they can't then we take it back to the yard for full price," said White.

Store owners didn't want to speak on camera, but they do say each business has "spotters" to patrol the area and these "spotters" will call tow companies to pick up cars.

The best advice is to read signs carefully before parking.