Tracking A Great White Shark Off Our Shores

Chances are the lionfish wouldn't have the least bit of impact on a member of the most the most fierce marine species, that's current in the Gulf.

Maybe you've heard about her.

Her name is Katherine the Great White Shark and she's currently about 60 miles due south of Panama City Beach.

At least she was about 6:00 Wednesday morning.

Katherine is a 14 foot, 2300 lb. Great White Shark who's described as a juvenile.

Researchers from a group call Osearch caught and tagged Katherine last August off Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The tag is a sonar devise that pings her location to a satellite, every time she breaks to the surface of the water.

Katherine has apparently made her way down the Gulf Stream and into the Gulf, feeding on schools of fish.

Experts say she's most likely heading to Texas.

But who knows.

She may get close enough to the our coast for someone to see her before she heads west.