Travelers Find Marijuana in Rental Car

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Marianna- Jim Lumley and his fiance Alecia Phelps and her daughter have been in Marianna this wee. They drove up from Tampa in a National rental car.

"We wanted to have a full size car for the comfort of my fiance who has back problems" Lumley explained. "And the car wasn't as comfortable and big as we wanted. So we talked to the company to see if we could exchange the car for another vehicle."

National arranged an exchange with the Enterprise Rental location on Highway 90 in Marianna.

"The car was not cleaned out and it was empty of gas. But, we agreed- 'that's alright, we'll fill it up and clean it ourselves'" Lumley said.

That was when the family discovered the problem.

"Something that looks like to me to be plant matter of some sort, green flakes and stems and stuff. So i call my fiancee out and say is that what i think that it is? Can you come check this out? Sure enough we both agreed that we thought it was probably marijuana.

So Lumley called Jackson County Sheriff's officials.

"We see quite frequently that vehicles who are operated by people transferring contraband or drugs- they're not using their own vehicle" Jackson County Sheriff, Lou Roberts said.

It's a situation that could have been devastating for Phelps.

"I probably would have gotten arrested had they caught us in the car" Phelps said, "and I would have never been able to take pain medications again. I live with pain everyday- it would have been crippling for me. And, I had my daughter in the car who's 8 years old, we also had my disabled brother in the car. I can't believe [Enterprise] allowed this to happen!"

Late Tuesday afternoon, Enterprise representatives contacted us and said, "they try to prevent these type of things from happening, and apologize for the incident." They also said Lumley and Phelps did the right thing by calling the police.

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