Trolley Fares Could Raise by 66%

Robin Merritt was one of a handful of concerned citizens at Wednesday's Transportation Planning Organization public meeting on trolley fares.

She works as a job coach with Catholic Charities and says transportation could affect people trying to find jobs.

"It's very important because without it they cannot earn an income, and can't get to appointments and places. And some so we are really interesting in seeing that this is something that is going to be something that will work for them," said Merritt.

The trolley wants to raise daily rates from 3 to 5 dollars. Monthly fares would go from 30 to 40 dollars.

"Right now the focus is on continuing and maintaining service. We are always looking for opportunity to expand the services that we offer, but unfortunately that's not the direction of this political endeavor. This is to maintain service," said Gene Keen with Bay Towne Trolley.

But could that cost force riders to give up the trolley?

"I believe most of our riders would acclimate and adjust to the rate increase. They may have to adjust what they buy, how often they buy, but we hope to continue to provide the same level of service for everyone as often as we can."

"Unless there is assistance for the trolley passes from agencies such as ours, I don't know if they can afford it unless they are getting more pay soon in their jobs."

The TPO will hold another public meeting on the trolley fares next Wednesday at 10:00 at the Bay County Library.