Turtle Express Along 30A Starts Off Strong

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Parking and traffic have become primary issues along 30A in South Walton.

For the next 100 days of summer, Sunshine Shuttle and seven business owners are hoping their new venture will alleviate some of the problems.

They've launched a trolley route that makes seven stops at each of the stakeholder locations.

"The turtle express stops at every business, every hour, so the capacity of the vehicle is 24 people. So every hour we could be keeping another 24 cars off the road,” said John Finch, Owner of Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine.

The seven drop off and pick up points are scattered throughout 30A.

But Finch is hopeful the program will continue to grow, and that more business owners will help fund the project.

"We already have a lot of restaurants, and HOA's, communities, that have come to us, and they are already signing letters of intent to be on the program next year,” said Finch.

There's also a mobile app for the Turtle Express.

"Even the stakeholders that are participating, are putting that map on their website, so when their guests go to that website, they can see that map,” said Finch.

Some of the stakeholders are just as enthusiastic as the Sunshine Shuttle employees about the program.

"Our goal right now in its success, is getting the word out. And we already know it has already been successful in the short amount of time we have implemented this trial program,” said Lori Smith, of Seaside. “But we know, if we get the word out, people are going to want to ride it."

The Turtle Express runs every day from 11 a.m. until midnight.