Turtle Light Costs Can Add Up

Officials estimate only about 30% of Bay County's beach front properties are currently equipped with the turtle safe lighting, which stops confused baby turtles from crawling towards bright building lights and instead allows them to crawl towards the sea.

The required improvements are expensive. Summerwinds Condominiums spent $20,000 to get up to code and still provide enough lighting for beach residents and visitors to feel safe.

"You want to do what is right legally but you also want to protect your owners and visitors in making sure you have ample lighting for safety so they can get to the beach at night. We can't restrict people from going to the beach so that was a challenge and a burden," said association manager Lisa Strickland.

Code enforcement officials are working to help owners avoid costly fines. A meeting will be held at the senior center located on Lyndell Lane on Thursday beginning at 7.