Turtles Injured by Beach Dredging Rehabing at Gulf World

Two lucky turtles are being rehabilitated at Gulf World Marine Park after being sucked up by dredging equipment used to renourish stretches of beach from Carillon Beach to the Jetties.

The endangered Kemps Ridley sea turtles "Tubes and Dojo" were brought to Gulf World a few weeks ago with damaged shells.

Gulf World veterinarians immediately took x-rays and started the turtles on antibiotics. Dr. Lydia Staggs says the turtles are healing well and should make a full recovery. "This is actually one of the first times that we've actually have gotten sea turtles in from the dredge project, but they are required by law to monitor for injured sea turtles and will bring them in if they do happen to get injured."

Dr. Staggs says the turtles should be released in the spring when the water starts to warm up.

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