Tuskegee Airman From Blountstown Honored

Tuskegee Airman Cornelius Davis was honored by state lawmakers in Tallahasee Friday.

The 92 year old was born in Blountstown, but attended High School in Pensacola because there were no high schools for blacks in his hometown during the 40’s.

After graduating he moved to Detroit to work for a car maker. When war broke out he considered being a tank drive until he went to the movies one day.

"But I went to a movie and they were showing a news reel and this tank was going along and all of a sudden an airplane came in and bombed it and it went to pieces. And I said I'm going in the air. I'm going to drop the bomb. So, I went down and volunteered for the air,” said Davis.

Davis says a little know fact is that there were also white Tuskegee Airmen. The honored group is credited with helping integrate the military.

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