Two Arrests in Connection to Theft and Sale of $43,000 in Photography Gear

A photographer in Fort Walton Beach was able to recover a good portion of the more than $43,000 dollars worth of photography equipment and personal items stolen from his car last October.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home October 23rd after the victim reported someone had taken his possessions out of his vehicle.

However a couple weeks later, the victim spotted what he believed to be some of his photography equipment on Ebay.

Investigators tracked the seller to a Fort Walton Beach man who initially said he’d purchased the equipment from 23-year old Michael Dakota Austin of Navarre and had paid $3,000 for the items.

Investigators located Austin Thursday.

He admitted taking the photography gear from the victim’s car. He also said Donald Lowe III, who was selling the items on Ebay, had agreed to buy the gear for $1,000 and was told the equipment was stolen.

He said Lowe had not yet paid the full amount.

So far approximately $36,000 worth of items has been recovered.

Investigators have charged Austin with burglary and theft over $20,000 but under $100,000.

Lowe is charged with dealing in stolen property.