Two Ft. Walton Beach Residents Accused of Counterfeiting Scheme

OKALOOSA COUNTY - Okaloosa County sheriff's investigators have arrested two Ft. Walton Beach residents in-connection with a counterfeiting scheme.

33 year old Shawn Lee Morse and 25 year old Meghan Leann Park are facing counterfeiting and drug charges.

Investigators say they developed the pair as suspects after they began receiving dozens of counterfeiting complaints from local businesses since January 1st.

When they searched the couple's home on Monahan Drive, they claim they found uncut and loose counterfeit ones, fives, tens and twenties, as well as marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

They also say Morse admitted he was exchanging the fake bills for methamphetamine. Sheriff's officials and secret service agents are investigating the case and say there could be more arrests.