Two Indiana Teens Listed in Critical Condition After Runaway Parasail Crash

News Channel 7 has learned the names of the two victims in the parasailing accident.

17-year-olds Sidney Good of Roanoke and Alexis Fairchild of Huntington, Indiana are both in critical condition at Bay Medical Center.

They were injured about 4:00 p.m. Monday when their parasail broke free from a tow boat. A southbound wind caused the girls to hit the Commodores Condos, power lines and several cars on their way down.

YouTube video shows the girls slamming into the condo building before disappearing behind it. (WARNING: The adult language may be offensive to some.)

Tuesday afternoon, the girls' families released a written statement:

"We are very grateful for the love and support that we've received from family and friends at home as well as many people here in Panama City who have assisted us. We ask for privacy at this time as we focus on Alexis and Sidney. Thank you for respecting our wishes and for your concern for our daughters. We truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers."

Austin Ward was on the boat with Good and Fairchild, waiting for his turn to go up in the harness.

"The wind got so bad it was pulling the parachute, and it started pulling the boat,” Ward said. “So they threw the anchor down. Once they threw the anchor down, the parachute stopped. But they couldn't get the string to come back in. They tried to get the string to come back, tried flooring it and the rope snapped. Then they hit the condo.”

Those who saw the accident say it was a nightmare to witness as they watched the girls, unable to assist them.

"It was heading towards the condos and they were screaming and it was - it was horrific,” Inga Bobbin said. “They hit the building and then they stopped screaming and it was awful. Everybody was trying to get to them and nobody could do anything.”

The Captain operating the boat towing the parasail was identified as Tyler Churchwell.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Coast Guard are investigating.

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