Two Jackson County Residents Arrested After Cooking Meth

JACKSON COUNTY -- Two Jackson county residents behind bars Saturday for cooking methamphetamine in a home they shared with a two-year-old.

The Uniform Patrol Division of the sheriff's office and the Department of Children and Families led a joint investigation into the home of 2826 New Hope Road, responding to allegations of drug manufacturing.

Resident Krystal Hunter, 29, let officers inside but 26-year-old Ronald Grant III refused them access to a bedroom.
Officers smelled a strong chemical odor, which led them to the remnants of methamphetamine cooking by the stove. A two-year-old child was in the home at the time.

Further investigation led to two bottles used for cooking, meth ingredients, less than 20 grams of marijuana, and a glass pipe.

Grant and Hunter are in the Jackson County Jail facing several charges including child abuse. The two-year-old is with its maternal grandmother.