Two Men Arrested In Defuniak Springs Shooting

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Jamie Cook was driving westbound on highway 90 Tuesday afternoon, when another vehicle pulled up next to his. The passenger in the other vehicle pulled out a gun, pointed it at cook, and started firing. Five of the bullets shot hit cook's SUV, but missed him.

"From my understanding the driver was injured due to debris from the rounds hitting the windshield, the projectiles hitting the windshield but it was minor injuries and as far as i am aware of nobody has received medical attention" said Criminal Investigator Billy Dozier.
Cook notified Defuniak Springs police and Walton County Sheriff's Deputies, who immediately began investigating.

"Our investigation led through statements from our victims and information provided through interviews led to the identification of two suspects which would be Xavier Mitry and Kareem Mitry" said Dozier.

The authorities aren't saying what led up to this shooting, or if cook knew the suspects.

"We're unable to give any further information because we have an ongoing investigation and there could possibly be others involved" said Dozier.
Both Kareem and Xavier Mitry are facing a number of serious charges in-connection with the case.

"The brothers at this time are being charged with one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle" said Dozier.
A judge ordered both Mitry brothers held on 100-thousand dollar bond.

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