Two New Sheriffs in Town

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The road to sheriff was a long, hard fight.

"What's really remarkable is, I was up by 177 votes. They had 496 absentee ballots to count and I won by 177 votes. The absentee ballots were split perfectly 238 to 238" explained Liberty County Sheriff elect, Nick Finch.

This was actually Finch's second campaign. He lost the job to Donny Conyers in 2008. But, many speculated that questions surrounding the Tranum McLemore death investigation was Conyers' undoing in Tuesday's election.

"I wasn't there that night. I'm not going Monday morning quarterback the sheriff's office" Finch said. "I think they did the best job they knew how to do. Do I think it hurt them? I do think it hurt their campaign. Because a lot of people are still wandering what happened that night."

Over the bridge in Calhoun County, Glenn Kimbrel had to beat out seven others to replace a retiring David Tatum.

"I was successful in the primary. Then, I was able to move onto the general election which was another 12 weeks, which wound up last night. So it's been interesting- I've enjoyed it" Kimbrel said of the political season and campaign experience.

Kimbrel and Finch's jurisdictions are only four miles apart. As expected, the neighbors had a few things in common.

For instance, both said they were making the youth a top priority.
"One of the other reasons I'm passionate about this is I've got two children. One's 15 years old the others 13 years old and they both go to school here" said Finch.

Kimbrel told us, "We've also got to find what may work as far as a youthful education program that we can introduce in the school system at as young as we can. We have to try to steer them away from ever using meth or something equivalent to that."

And both were well aware of the challenges they faced.

"Liberty County is a poor county you know the population base isn't such that we have a lot of money to spend" Finch said.

"Hopefully I can find some retired law enforcement officers who are bored and want to spend some time with the sheriff's office to give us some support. Because, small counties operate on limited budgets" Kimbrel told us.

Finch and Kimbrel take office January 7.

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