Two Seperate School Bus Crashes

Some local parents are no doubt breathing easier after their kids were involved in 2 different school bus crashes.

The first happened about 2:15 Thursday afternoon on Highway 388 and Winter Hill Road.

State troopers say the driver had stopped the bus to let off a child, then an exterminator box truck rear ended the bus. The truck driver told troopers his brakes failed.

There were about 30 students on board. Paramedics took 2 of the kids and the truck driver to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The second crash happened a few minutes after the first, but several miles way near the intersection of Beach Drive and Quartz Street.

Bay County Sheriff's Deputies say a wind gust blew a low hanging telephone line toward a school bus. The bus snagged the wire and pulled it down over the back of the bus.

Concerned it was an electrical line, the driver called for help. Fortunately there was no damage, and none of the 10 children on board, nor the driver, were hurt.