Two Stuck On Ride In Amusement Park

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Two people were stuck at the top of a ride after a mechanical error left the operators unable to bring them down for several hours.

According to officials on scene, the error occurred when the hydraulic pump that keeps the machine moving broke. "The pump is broken and it's not pumping so it cannot move," said Panama City Fire Department Battalion Chief Gary Swearingen. "There's no override to make it move, their mechanics are looking to see if there's something they can do, but right now what we're planning is having a commercial crane come out with a bucket to help us get up that high."

The crane arrived around 4 pm and retrieved the two riders close to 5:30 pm--almost 4 hours after they realized they were stuck at the top.

"When it stopped, I felt it shake a little bit and then it ended up actually stopping," said Kyle Baumgartner, 22. "I thought they were just messing around with us at first, but after I saw them get the managers and stuff I knew that it was really broke." Griffen Bauer, 12, said he felt the same way, "the thing started to shake and then it just stopped and he thought that they were just joking with him but then after about 15 mins we got worried because we knew something was wrong."

The two boys were brought down by a commercial crane with a bucket attached to carry the two of them. There were no medical emergencies or problems during the rescue.

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