2 Teens Jailed for Masked Prank

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Cops busted 18 years old Ricky George and 19 years old Jonathan Bush Tuesday morning for allegedly wearing scream masks outside Lucille Moore Elementary School.

"My initial reaction is that's not normal behavior," said Panama City Police Officer Richard Thore.

Officer Thore said he was conducting a traffic stop when a frantic bystander alerted him to the bizarre scene.

"As I turned around to look in that direction I did see two males walking southbound on Michigan Avenue both wearing masks on their face, dark colored clothing," Thore told NewsChannel 7.

Thore said he immediately arrested one of the men while the other kept walking in the opposite direction. Police picked him up shortly after. Good news was investigators said they weren't armed and had no intention to cause any harm.

So what was this all about? Police told NewsChannel 7 Bush and George apparently came out on the losing end of a bet over Monday night's BCS Championship game, and this was the pay off. Seemingly innocent in theory, but after last month's tragedy at Sandy Hook in Connecticut, police aren't taking pranks like this lightly.

"That kind of behavior is against the law and just in today's environment if it seems silly or stupid, it probably doesn't need to be done," Officer Thore said.

And if you believe in karma, George turns 19 Wednesday. He'll spend at least part of his birthday behind bars. Both teens are charged with wearing a mask in public, which is a misdemeanor. They're scheduled to make their first appearances Wednesday.