Two Wanted Felons Arrested After Manhunt

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Two men are in custody Wednesday after a four hour manhunt involving U.S. Marshals, the Bay County Sheriff's Office and Panama City Beach Police.

The Sheriff's Office got a tip that a fugitive was staying at a home on Front Beach Road near Joan Ave.

They arrived at the residence to apprehend Jonathon Boston and learned another wanted suspect, John Anechiarico was with him.
They both took off into a wooded area behind the home.

The Sheriff's Office brought in their chopper and K-9 units.

Deputies found Boston hiding in some bushes around 3:15.
Anechiarico was arrested about 30 minutes later after knocking on a woman's door to ask for a cigarette.

Bay County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Steve Nagy said, "We don't have any charges on them that indicate that they are dangerous but you know, we're in an area where you're near churches and neighborhoods and schools and any time you have guys who are dealing in stolen property and dealing in narcotics, that potential's there so we're not gonna take any chances."

Boston was wanted for dealing in stolen property. Anechiarico on multiple felony charges.

Both were booked in the Bay County Jail and will be appear in court Thursday.