Two Local Women Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver

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A suspected drunk driver is being held responsible for a fatal traffic crash that killed two Okaloosa County women Saturday morning.

The crash happened in Panama City Beach at the intersection of Highway 98 and 79 around 6:45am, claiming the life of MaryJo Badal, 78, and Mary Birks, 75.

The two were in their car in the eastbound turn lane waiting at the light on Highway 98 to turn north on SR 79 when 23-year old Jonathan Dillard rear-ended them in his vehicle. The accident is still under investigation, but police say the scene looks as though Dillard made no attempt to stop. Officers speculated he was driving at at least 70 MPH when he crashed into the rear end of the lady's car.They also say they believe Dillard was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Authorities say the crash was so violent on impact that the victim's vehicle was pushed into the middle of the intersection. Dillard has been arrested and booked into the Bay County Jail.

He faces two counts of DUI-Manslaughter. Both women were rushed by Paramedics to the BMC Trauma Center but their injuries were so severe they died enroute.

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